Thinking Aloud with Ayo – The Big Business Shoutout

On this episode of Thinking Aloud with Ayo titled, “THE BIG BUSINESS SHOUT OUT”, I featured community businesses and events. By community, I’m referring to black owned businesses. I posted a video a couple of weeks ago on  another platform where I spoke about the need for us as a people to support black industry. This is part of how we build a strong community. We should be looking to invest back into our own shops, stores, services, events etc. No one […]

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Thinking Aloud with Ayo _ Malaria Eradication with Adepeju Salu

  The only time I hear the word Malaria, seems to be when someone I know tells me that they’ve taken a ‘Sunday Sunday’ tablet in preparation for a trip they are about to take back to Nigeria! I’ve no recent recollection of anyone telling me that the tablets didn’t work, or that someone they know has been struck by the disease. I really didn’t think it was a big deal anymore…until I came across the work done by ‪#‎IbaFoundation‬. […]

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Thinking Aloud with Ayo- Package your Passion with Temi Koleowo (PODCAST)

  So, it’s the New Year and many of us would have determined to ‘make this the year that counts’ right? That idea, dream, venture, business that you’ve put on the back burner for so long, could this be the year that it moves to a more prominent position in your life? I believe it’s NEVER too late to make a change or difference, what a lot us need is confidence, a plan, a strategy, a realistic outlook. I’m glad […]

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