Thinking Aloud with Ayo in conversation with Ed Keazor

Interview with Historian and Writer Ed Keazor
Did you know?

1. ANDREW THOMAS The first Nigerian-born Newspaper Editor- he edited The Lagos Times and Gold Coast Colony Advertiser- in 1880. He was later to publish and edit the newspaper “Iwe Irohin Eko” which focused on Yoruba culture and traditions.
2. NATHANIEL KING – Generally described as the first Nigerian Doctor Born 1847, in Freetown to a Yoruba Clergyman, returned to Abeokuta where he received some training in medicine from Dr. A.A Harris at the Abeokuta Theological Institution in 1861. Studied at Kings College London, where he qualified in 1874 and returned to Nigeria in 1878 and practised with the CMS Mission, till his death in 1884.
3. ADEKUNBI MACAULAY in 1963 was the first Nigerian woman to be promoted to the rank of full Colonel
4. In August 2009, a 4 year old boy, Benjamin Nelson-West, fell under a Tube train and was saved at the last minute by a mystery stranger who pulled him out from under the train and handed him over to his mother. The train pulled away and the grateful parents initiated a search for the guardian angel, who was found a few days later and turned out to be…a Nigerian TOCHUKWU MOKAH.
We have a wealth of history and we are still making history. But, is there any benefit to acquiring all this information? What do we do with it? Is it still relevant? How much more is there to be unearthed? How does this affect ME today with all the current naira, pounds and dollar palaver?!

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