Thinking Aloud with Ayo in Conversation with Eric Obuh aka Vocal Slender

vcLast year I interviewed Eric Obuh aka Vocal Slender the young man who became quite popular after he featured in the 2010 BBC documentary Welcome to Lagos…
He was a scavenger who had a dream of becoming an Afrobeats star.
I found his story fascinating! Especially after finding out how well read he was…. from books he had found while scavenging the Lagos dumps.
He has given back to his community by setting up a foundation “GHETTO LOVE EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION” which focuses on putting together a skill acquisition programme to empower the people of Ajegunle (Lagos’ most resourceful slum) community.
He also won $25k from the Google Africa Connected programme which showcases everyday success stories being made with the help of Google.
He has come a long way since being on the dumps….His story is truly inspiring.
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